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She Sat There Among the River Reeds

After Theocritus

Barefoot, bare brows, with wind and waters bland
  Kissed, she sat there among the river reeds;
Dreaming her some princess from fairyland,
  I murmured, "Wilt thou wander trhough the meads?"

She looked at me with that supreme regard
  Wherewith bright beauty makes its conqueror quake;
I murmured, "'T is Love's month; across the sward
  To the deep woods wilt thou our way we take?"

Upon the happy grass she dried her feet,
  Then looked my heart through yet a second time,--
Growing the while, for sportive, pensive-sweet.
  Oh, how the wood birds rang their golden chime!

How amorously on banks warm wavelets purl!
  Through flowering reeds, white brow and bosom bare,
Coming towards me I saw the wild, sweet girl,
  Her hair in her eyes, and laughing through her hair.

From Contemplations