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In 1928 a one-volume collection of Hugo's works was published by Black's Readers Service. This contained selected poetry, Notre Dame de Paris, Stories of Crime, and Essays on Humanity.

Stories of Crime was composed of Last Days of a Condemned Man, plus Claude Gueux, and several other true-crime narratives. Except for Last Days and Claude Gueux, all the rest were gathered from the larger collection usually entitled, Things Seen, which was a running journal Hugo kept of events he witnessed. (The titles vary between sources.)

The original French editions of these journals (Choses Vues) were published after Hugo's death. Only a selection of them have been translated into English. The translations below come either from the Black's Readers Service publication mentioned above, or a 1907 selection from Things Seen by the Nottingham Society.

Where a work appeared in both collections, I have indicated the title in each. I have not included Last Days in this grouping since, unlike the rest, it is fiction.


Things Seen Stories of Crime
  Claude Gueux
1838: Talleyrand  
1839: Diary of a Passer-By During the Riot of the Twelfth of May
1840: Funeral of Napoleon: Notes Taken on the Spot
1841: Origin of Fantine Woman of the Streets
1842: Fieschi Fieschi, the Exploder
1842: The Death of the Duke of Orleans  
1842: A Dream
1843: Royer-Collard
1844: King Louis-Philippe
1844: Saint Cloud
1845: Villemain
1846: Attempt of Lecomte Lecomte the Assassin
1846: Attempt of Joseph Henri Henri, the Regicide
1846: Count Mortier Mortier, the Madman
1846: Visit to the Conciergerie
1846: Soirèe at M. Guizot's
1847: Lord Normandy
1847: Dinner at M. de Salvandy's
1847: Funeral of Mlle Mars
1847: Fete at the Duke of Montpensier's
1847: The Teste and Cubière's Trial
1847: The Duke of Praslin
1847: Béranger
1847: The Death of Mme. Adélaide
1847: The Condemned Convicts' Prison The Overnight Criminal
1848: The Flight of Louis-Philippe
1848: The Fifteenth of May
1848: The National Assembly
1849: The Chancellor Pasquier
1849: Mlle Georges
1850: At the Académie
1850: The Death of Balzac
1853: Hubert, the Spy
1858: Tapner
1871: Thiers and Rochefort
1875:A Retrospect