This text comes from the Making of America website at either Cornell University or University of Michigan.

The below description comes from the Cornell University Making of America website:

Making of America (MOA) represents a major collaborative endeavor to preserve and make accessible through digital technology a significant body of primary sources related to development of the U.S. infrastructure. With funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, MOA seeks to involve research institutions and national consortia to develop common protocols and consensus for the selection, conversion, storage, retrieval, and use of digitized materials on a large, distributed scale.

As one might guess, there are a LOT of journal articles on these two sites that mention Victor Hugo. As these are digitized images, as opposed to text, it makes it slightly more difficult to read than most e-texts, but one can't find this material elsewhere on the web. It is a great resource.

One can "view as text" but it uses OCR technology that only guesses at the text from the image. However, since the text is for the most part in the public domain due to its age, I will put several of the articles relating to Hugo here. I have attempted to clear up the mistakes the OCR technology makes, but I may have missed some. I have links to the digitized images below.

Both sites provide good search engines. Here are links to several search results pertaining to Victor Hugo.