Cloaked in an abstract veil of
blue and green The bubbling
brew of healing and forests
rises. Nomadic, osmotic and
communal, bathed in mauve
light, The eyes of the millennia
gaze upon the mystic myth
cast adrift upon the endless
sea. Naked, erotic evolution
exhibits its magnetic charm.
Odours and omens, pigs and
pirates, poetry and paint,
Visions of inspiration intuitively
blend with hopes and ideals. A
Rainbow bridge spans the
subconscious seducing your
sleep, Wandering, retreating,
bathing, drinking, desiring in a
Cosmic daydream. Chakras
and domes, coffee and
cigarettes, wine and films, Music and puzzles, towers and mermaids -
The spiritual fish swim through polluted waters unseen, navigating their
way as if by magick.

Artwork © 1997, Neil Campbell
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